4-year-old with cancer gets surprised by East Tenn. law enforcement

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) – On Friday, members of law enforcement from Knox, Loudon, Blount, and Anderson counties joined together along with Tennessee Highway Patrol to put on a parade for Cooper Stansbury.

Cooper smiled and cheered with excitement watching the cruisers pull into the parking lot of the Bob Leonard Park in Farragut.

The four-year-old was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in November 2019. His parents, Sam and Lauren Stansbury, say Cooper has undergone five rounds of chemotherapy and two stem cell transplants. Seeing their little boy up and running again with his friends fills their hearts with joy.

“We are really kind of in shock at first, but it’s amazing. They put on a great show for Cooper,” said Sam Stansbury

Two helicopters landed in on the fun, and they gave Cooper the opportunity to sit inside and ask questions about each button.

“Well, I like going into the helicopter. I saw a lot of stuff. Buttons and more buttons,” said Cooper.

Sergeant Matt Fagiana with the Loudon County Sheriff’s office says after learning about Cooper’s story, he felt compelled to gather up his friends and pull off the surprise.

“I wanted him to know his community loves him. It’s kind of a neat thing about East Tennessee. We’re represented here by four different counties and 5 different agencies but we all came together for this little guy,” said Fagiana.

Cooper’s parents say his tumor has been removed, and he is set to start radiation on August 3rd. After he completes radiation, he will start immunotherapy.

After seeing all of the love and support from different communities, Cooper and his family say they are thankful.

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